Tank and Separations

Tanks and Separations

At HPC Industrial, we focus on safe innovative methods for Resource Recovery and Tank Cleaning. Resource Recovery/waste minimization technologies include centrifuges (two- and three-phase) and presses (belt and filter). Sludge removal and tank cleaning processes focus on minimizing exposure to personnel and environment by utilizing automated technologies to include non-entry robotics.

Additionally, HPC Industrial can offer a complete turnkey service to include isolation, cold/hot-taps, Vapor Control Management, cleaning/resource recovery, custom-engineered solutions and unmatched experience to clean tanks, reduce out-of-service time, manage waste and lower costs.

We recently purchased Ecorobotics' fleet of assets to use the latest remote-controlled robotic technology for industrial cleaning and bulk removal solutions.

You might also be interested in our focus on Vapor Control Management services and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR).