Pigging & Decoking

Pigging Rig

HPC Industrial provides a safe and environmentally friendly approach to the removal of pipe deposits through our Pigging and Decoking Services. The closed-loop pigging process uses a high volume, low pressure water pumping system to propel our patented bi-directional pigs through pipes and coils to effect cleaning. The operation is safely controlled from the unit’s control room where flow rates and pressures are closely monitored. Progressively larger pigs are run until all of the deposits are completely removed. No hazardous chemicals are used during the pigging process.


• Safely increase the performance, productivity and profitability of any fired heater – anywhere – that develops deposits in any industrial process

• The preferred mobile pigging and decoking solution to return your system to peak performance

• Allows other maintenance projects to continue simultaneously

• The largest fleet of twin-pump units in the industry

• Safe, experienced crews

• Closed-loop, environmentally friendly and proven process uses water only – no chemicals

• Features over a dozen patented pigging technologies to inspect, clean and clear all fired-heater tubes

HPC Industrial twin pump units are state of the art and built in-house to meet the specific needs of our customers. Each unit is equipped with flow rate, pressure and acoustic tracking systems to control pig runs and detect and target problem areas. Multiple coils or lines can be cleaned independently with each unit.

HPC Industrial personnel have extensive experience in decoking and pipeline field projects. Our extensive mentoring and training program ensures the most qualified staff will be assigned to each project.

Pig selection is carefully performed based on the tube metallurgy. Our patented pig designs protect the internal pipe surface from damage. All pigs are custom manufactured in-house under strict quality control specifications.

Unlike with conventional methods, all of the removed material is contained for safe disposal and analysis. No chemicals are used during this process and by utilizing HPC Industrial's specifically designed filter press units, in excess of 90% of the water is recycled.

High volume water at ambient temperatures propels the pigs through a closed loop system. Each unit is operated from a climate controlled cab and is equipped for immediate shutdown.

Closed-loop pigging not only minimizes your downtime, it also allows for concurrent maintenance to be performed in the same area. The system also removes all of the deposits left on the tube wall, improving thermal efficacy and extending run lengths.