Safety Culture

Safety Culture

HPC Industrial’s safety management system, Safety 3-6-5, is comprised of four key elements to ensure our leaders and employees are actively managing their safety and the safety of others around them while at home, work or in transit.

Employee Engagement

All HPC employees start their career with us by going through our safety culture awareness program, START Safe. This is a 20-week training program of scenarios, videos and engagement with operational and safety leadership within the organization. As part of the program, employees are provided with HPC’s three safety philosophies and six golden rules of safety. Employees must then provide five reasons why they want to be safe.

The most personal part of employee engagement is “Take Five for Your Five.” Employees will take five minutes prior to starting a task and ask themselves:

  • • Am I trained to perform this task?
  • • Do I have the right PPE?
  • • Are there hazards in the work area?
  • • Am I operating the tools and equipment correctly?
  • • What else can I do to make this task and area safer?

Once employees complete START Safe, they begin the STAY Safe program, which continues throughout the entirety of their career at HPC. Employees participate in weekly activities themed around Clean Harbors’ “Live it 3-6-5” culture to discuss topics around safety measures and safety culture.

Safety Guidance - Planning

HPC uses industry-specific policies, standards and standard operating procedures to guide and plan our work safely. Employees use a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) to identify and eliminate site- and task-specific hazards prior to starting a job.

Employee Participation

Employees participate in safety exercises to actively manage their safety and the safety of the other employees onsite. Examples of the exercises completed daily are:

  • • Near Miss and STOP Work – Employees track and observe trends through the use of phone applications, websites and forms.
  • • Participation in HPC Safety Committees – Employees rotate into local safety committees where they track and record trends with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as well as complete the HPC Observations based on target trends and hazard assessments.
  • • Performance Observations – All HPC employees participate in the performance observations process based on targeted trends and hazard assessments. The results are then used to identify and apply corrective actions to protect employees and the environment.


HPC leadership, from both the health and safety and operations departments, participates in a minimum number of field audits based on their job title, ranging from Senior Vice President to Branch Manager. The trends observed during the audit are used to provide a road map to a safer work environment and corrective actions around policies, procedures and work plans.

Using HPC’s learning management system, local leadership ensures that all employees are properly trained in the tasks they are required to perform. The learning management system provides a list of the trainings each employee needs based on job codes, business unit, region, and line of business.

Each safety-related incident is investigated and reviewed with the leadership of the business unit at least once a month, but more meetings can be scheduled as they are needed.