Our online leak repair and sealing services provide customers with the ability to repair steam and chemical leaks on valves, piping and process equipment, while in service, without having to resort to costly shut downs. With our professional and technical capabilities to engineer, design, fabricate and install all standard and custom products, we consistently deliver the best solutions and highest level of service in the industry.

We pride ourselves on safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to our customers is evident in our long-standing relationships. Over the course of these relationships, HPC Industrial’s technicians have applied innovative approaches in solving the most difficult of problems. With millions of leak sealing man-hours under our belts, our technician’s expertise and experience is second to none.

The priority for every industrial plant is to stay online. We help minimize down time by sealing leaks online, onsite and under pressure. This means you keep producing while we solve your leak problems. You save time, energy and – most significantly – you save money.

All of our fabrications are in 100% compliance with ASME code and in most cases, can be delivered and installed within 24 hours. As part of our leak sealing services, we tag and document all fabrications installed in our customers’ facilities.