The HPC Industrial Isolation Service safely isolates a line for hot-work, protecting property, equipment and personnel from flammable vapors.

The patented HPC Industrial Isolation tool provides a triple vapor barrier with the ability to monitor the seal to ensure safety of any hot-work being performed. First, the tool is placed into the line upstream of where hot-work is to be performed. Once the tool is properly installed and two outer seals are established, medium is brought to pressure in the annulus between the seals. Once this pressure is established, the seals are actively monitored by the HPC Industrial technician on-site to be certain no harmful or dangerous vapors are passing beyond the isolation tool.

The HPC Industrial Isolation tool also has a provision for re-routing any upstream vapors safely away from the hot-work area (typically 50 feet). The upstream activity is also monitored through a gauge to further ensure the safety of hot-work. Should the assigned HPC Industrial technician detect any change in upstream activity, hot-work is immediately stopped until the situation is resolved.

Because it is the absolute safest technology available, the HPC Industrial Isolation Tool is written into countless hot-work procedures and facility standards across the country confirming that safety is a high priority in these operating entities. Not only is the HPC Industrial Isolation tool safer than traditional methods, it decreases cost and downtime.

Our Isolation Benefits:

  • Ability to monitor the seal and ensure safety of hot-work.
  • Triple vapor barrier design; one is positively pressured.
  • Vent upstream activity safely away from hot-work.
  • Vent gauge to monitor upstream activity.

Application Benefits:

  • Numerous blinds/scaffolds can be eliminated.
  • Extensive steaming and cleaning can be eliminated because lines do not need to be 100% gas free.