Cold cutting is the first step in the industry known HPC Industrial Cold Cut/Isolation/Hydrotest system. HPC Industrial technicians can simultaneously cut and bevel your piping without the use of open flames or producing sparks in your facility. Cold cutting offers many advantages over other methods of pipe cutting. Because there is no spark or flame produced, cold cutting does not require lines to be gas free. In some instances this also eliminates the need to obtain a hot work permit to simply cut a piece of pipe.

  • Available in sizes to 150 inches (381cm)
  • Cuts wall thickness up to 7.5 inches (19cm)
  • No spark or flame to ignite combustible gasses
  • Reduced exposure to line contents
  • Powered pneumatically or hydraulically
  • Can operate with less than six inches of radial clearance
  • Recognized as best practice cutting method by US Department of Energy

Safety is ensured through the omission of sparks and flames which guarantees there will be no ignition of combustible gasses left in the line. Exposure to the contents of the pipe is greatly reduced due to the operation of the cutting tool. The ability to operate the cutting device remotely further protects all personnel in the area around the cut.

The cold cutting machine has a split frame design which allows for easy installation and adjustments on existing piping systems. Because the profile of the cold cutting machine is minimal, the machine only requires a small footprint to operate, less than six inches of radial clearance in many circumstances.

HPC Industrial can cold cut any diameter pipe up to 150 inches and any type of metal with a wall thickness of 7.5 inches or less. The machine is also capable of cutting out of round piping as well as existing welds. Various bevel types are available as well as custom bevels and landings.

When you need fast, accurate precision machined cuts, call HPC Industrial. Upon completion of the cutting job, HPC Industrial can also isolate the line by utilizing the HPC Industrial Isolation Tool.