Crude Oil Reclamation & E&P Disposal

Crude Oil Reclamation

HPC Industrial owns and operates a state-of-the-art crude oil reclamation and non-hazardous oilfield waste disposal facility located east of Jeanerette, Louisiana. The 59,000-barrel-capacity site features an injection well, Coast Guard-approved dock for transfer operations and a truck-receiving station that can accommodate six vacuum trucks simultaneously. Click here for Service Line Overview.

The Jeanerette location is the only Louisiana facility permitted to accept crude oil for reclamation and is permitted to inject wastewater generated by the drilling and production of oil and gas. After evaluation of the material HPC may purchase salvageable crude oil, gas plant waste (drip or condensate) and pipeline crude oil that may be unacceptable for pipeline marketing.

Acceptable Non-hazardous Waste

  • Salt Water
  • Completion Fluids
  • Fresh Water
  • Rain Water
  • Pipeline Water
  • Oil Spill Waste
  • Salvageable Hydrocarbons
  • Washout Water