Dick Hannah, Director of Recruiting and Career Development

Career Development

Dick Hannah, Director of Recruiting and Career Development

January 30, 2019 | HPC Industrial

I believe in constantly making things better. The challenges we face at work are challenges other companies wish they had. We do great things everyday and keep people safe on each job. The number of jobs we perform safely each year as an organization is staggering in its size and scope. I believe we can do more, safer, more efficiently and better. I believe in constantly improving who we are as an organization, as a department, as a team and as a single employee. If we aren’t constantly striving to improve, constantly moving forward, then we will stagnate as a company and be no better than every other company in our industry.

My purpose is to provide innovative and best in class training for our employees that leads to and is a part of a fulfilling career. Secondarily, I see my purpose as finding the best way to cut the red tape to ensure our employees are provided a fast and easy onboarding experience, so they can get to work and provide for themselves and their families in a safe and rewarding environment.


I have experienced leaving HPC Industrial and I found out that the grass isn’t always greener and I jumped at the opportunity to come back. I speak with people all the time who were “boomerangs,” people who went away from the company then came back. My alternative and that the career we can provide for you here is safe, worthwhile, profitable and meaningful with others. I proudly communicate my past experience to our employee’s through our career development paths, through our training, through our safety system, through everything we do.

HPC Industrial is different in that it is a large organization that still feels and acts like a small, family business, where people care about one another. Too often I hear from employees who leave the company that their new company doesn’t seem to care about them the way that HPC Industrial cared about them. What makes HPC Industrial different is that we care about making things better for employees. We care about making onboarding faster, so employees can get to work and get paid, support themselves and their families faster. We care about creating a pathway for career success and for experience within the company. We care about keeping employees safe, so they can go home the same way they came to work.

I look forward to taking the successes we’ve had with our recruiting applicant tracking system and rolling it out to the entire organization. I also look forward to further developing our training capabilities. I want our training department to be the best in the industry.