HPC Industrial Texas team earns 'Contractor of the Year' award


HPC Industrial Texas team earns 'Contractor of the Year' award

December 10, 2022 | HPC Industrial

HPC employees in Baytown, Texas, recently received the surprise of the year when they were recognized by a client last week.

Covestro – a German company that manufacturers the materials used in bullet-proof glass and Gorilla Glue – awarded the HPC Insite team with its 2022 Contractor of the Year award.

Each year, Covestro evaluates its 30 contractors on site for the award. There is no application, written criteria, or formal review process.

So, when Branch Manager Bobby Simmons was notified that he received a package, he wasn't sure what could be inside.

"When I opened it up and saw that it was a championship belt, I was completely shocked. But of course, I grabbed it, put it around my waist and took a picture," he laughed. "When someone else from the team comes into the office, I take a picture with them as well."

HPC Industrial and Covestro have worked together for 35 years, but HPC Industrial became the official OnSite contractor in 2012. This is the first time 27-member HPC Industrial team has earned the designation.

In 2022, and throughout its entire relationship with Covestro, HPC Industrial remains busy, consistently working to find innovative solutions to any problems that arise at the plant.

Recently, under Simmons leadership, HPC Industrial built a custom tool out of their technology center in Ohio for Covestro that more efficiently cleans its exchangers (a machine used to transfer heat from one medium to another). The new tool greatly reduces the number of confined entries employees need to make and cuts the job down from three weeks to one.

The branch also maintains a phenomenal safety record – it's currently at more than five years without a recordable injury – and over the spring, employees executed a well-done turnaround, despite being short staffed.

Over the last 3 1/2 decades, the HPC Industrial  team has made it a priority to strengthen its relationship with Covestro to allow for better communication and teamwork.

"Covestro, historically, has been one of the most difficult customers to work for," said Vice President of Industrial Services Chip Gunter. "Since Bobby came on six years ago, we've been able to improve our relationship with them tremendously, so It's nice to see Covestro recognize that with this award. The Insite team absolutely deserves it."