Our third foundational element is people. In today’s industrial environment it is tough to recruit and retain good people. We overcome this challenge by being the very best place to work. Our people can truly make a career at HPC Industrial.

We continue to invest in automation – this helps us provide the safest and newest equipment.

We offer our employees an accelerated career development track that links completion of craft certification modules with wage progression. Over the first two years of a technician’s career, for example, they will have a well-defined career road map – this helps great workers stay engaged.

The Employer of Choice

We are the employer of choice in our industry. Our ability to attract high-performing site managers is strengthened by the opportunity they have to manage larger scopes of work.

Good leaders want the opportunity for increased responsibility. For example, at a nested customer site – it’s one thing to manage day to day vacuum and hydroblasting services. It’s quite another when you add engineered services such as routine tank cleaning, chemical cleaning and LDAR.

5,500+ Employees
90 Facilities
50 States