HPC Industrial Acquires Ecorobotics Cleaning Assets


HPC Industrial Acquires Ecorobotics Cleaning Assets

May 23, 2024 | HPC Industrial

HPC Industrial recently acquired a fleet of assets that provide safer and more efficient tank cleaning solutions for various applications.

Over 40 robotic cleaning systems from Ecorobotics have been added to HPC’s fleet. These revolutionary robots will enhance service capabilities, provide an elevated level of safety, increase scope in the petrochemical industry and add support for teams in the field.

HPC had a handful of such robotic assets prior to the acquisition, and the large influx of assets will have several applications. The devices can be used in above- and below-ground storage tanks, large diameter pipes, cooling towers and more.

“This newly acquired robotic technology will enable a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional cleaning methods, which truly gets to the heart of our company’s ecofriendly and sustainability mindset,” said SVP of Specialty Services Matt Dewitt. “Our customers are demanding more automation from vendors like us to put fewer people at risk, particularly in confined space work. The addition of these state-of-the-art assets aligns well with that objective and provides us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

The benefits of the Ecorobotics assets include eliminating the vast majority of the highly dangerous confined space entry time that would otherwise be completed by staff in the field. The robots also clean large projects faster and more efficiently than conventional crews, reducing water or cutter stock consumption, waste management, and disposal costs.

HPC is in the process of moving these assets to its Deer Park, Texas, facility. Customers are already expressing interest in their usage and the HPC team is working with customers to get them rapidly deployed to the field.