Our fourth foundational element is about our valued customers. We strive to earn our customers’ respect through our customer stewardship model.

This model has 3 essential dimensions:


Our broad service offering allows us to provide efficiencies associated with bringing several scopes of work under one umbrella. For example, where you may have 2 site leaders, 2 safety supervisors and 2 admins managing routine industrial cleaning and LDAR work, we can eliminate one of each of those positions by consolidating both services under HPC Industrial. Furthermore, the more scopes of work we control, the more opportunities we will find through cross-training technicians and integrating the work schedules, managing peaks and valleys.


The second area deals with our benchmarking capability. HPC Industrial is embedded in over 100 refining and petrochemical sites across the nation. This gives us the ability to quantify benchmarks on resources such as head count and equipment count per unit of plant capacity, as well as best practices and technology selection. We can then compare your situation to the benchmarks to give us direction on where to look for new efficiencies.


And lastly, we roll out our standard KPI stewardship reports on a quarterly basis, this holds us accountable to how we are spending our customers’ money, and allows us to identify improvements in how work is planned and executed. And as we develop cost savings opportunities from the KPI reports and benchmarking studies, we hold ourselves accountable to their implementation. We want to own the budget our customers set for our work, and the improvement targets to help us reach our cost goals.