Computerized Tube Cleaning System

Lance Operator
One Person Operating Four Lances

Unlike conventional tube cleaning services, HPC Industrial delivers on safety, efficiency and sustainability thanks to our Computerized Tube Cleaning System (CTCS). 

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Is your site a good candidate for HPC’s CTCS Technology? 


Identify time-critical tube cleaning jobs at your site, especially jobs where cleaning-time reduction and cleaning consistency are required. Collect exchanger drawings, identify obstructions around the exchangers and call your local sales representative to set up a site evaluation. Our engineering team will determine the most effective arrangement of equipment to minimize setup time and maximize production. 

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 - Slicker suit no longer necessary 

 - Reduced crew size minimizes exposure risks 

 - Employee is removed from line of fire of pressurized hoses 

 - Vision System eliminates need for employees to be in confined spaces 

 - Real-time tracking and feedback allow for faster response time to areas of concern 


- Automatic tube indexing 

- Up to four lances can be used simultaneously 

- 50% faster than conventional methods 

- Live jobs are tracked, and data is sent directly to customers’ phone or desktop 

- Library of exchangers and recipes for sites reduces planning time and streamlines job regardless of who is on the crew 


- Uptime is increased on critical path processes 

- Water usage decreased by 30 – 50% 

- CO2 emissions reduced by 40% 

- 60% reduction in personnel hours 

- Customer saves money due to reduced downtime 

- Data tracking is stored for review and allows opportunities for improvement